Multi color acrylic painting on reclaimed timber. 15th of NY TSHIRT series. Represents iconic symbols that make us love New York.

This creation is an acrylic painting in multi color on reclaimed wood as a brick wall background.

It is the 15th piece in my "NY TSHIRT" series started in January 2016.
It represents the unique atmosphere of New York City and the symbols that make it is such a unique and energizing city.

Make a perfect gift for a New York City lover or visitor.
Great piece to lighten up a room and add colors to your walls

This piece is 10 in x 14 in.
Other sizes can be customised

All of my creations are made of reclaimed material that I find in New York City.
They are made in my studio in Chelsea at the rhythm of what the City provides.
My creations may vary in size, shape and base depending of the supply material that I find.

I can execute a commission and ship in apprx 15 days

Ready to hang (will be delivered in a flat pack). Signed by artist.

Purchase is final, not refundable

Please contact me with any questions or inquiries for custom orders, different colors or material.

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